im crying my mom knows me so well

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The single most important thing Tom said in his video.

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Tommy, Benny, and Will

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Tom Daley emerging from water appreciation post

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Tom Daley in Heat

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Check it out!!!: Here’s Thomas Robert Daley with Jack David Laugher and Christopher Peter Mears. Fill the blank: They look _____________.

If you haven’t check our Tom Daley facts post for the “Get to Know Them - Time” click here.

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Um wtf, Chris’ middle name is not Peter, where did you get that idea from?

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*the town emergency sirens go off* “no…it can’t be” i whisper to myself *looks out window* HURRY UP HONEY GRAB THE KIDS! THE HOT LOCAL SINGLES ARE COMING. AND THEY ARE ALREADY IN OUR AREA

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omg tom is dating Dustin Lance Black

Olympian Tom Daley's Oscar-Winning Boyfriend Revealed: Find Out Who He Is!


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